The more “eagle eyed” amongst you may have noticed that we have created a HDR gallery in our web site portfolio. HDR (or high dynamic range if you want to waste valuable energy saying the full title) is still a relatively new art in photographic terms.  It’s a art, or style, or technique, that I have become very much interested in recently and have made a number of HDR images.

HDR images are made of 3 (or more, and yes you can technically do it from a single RAW file) image using specialist software like Photomatix from HDRSoft. Of course there’s more to it than that in reality and a great tutorial to start you on the road to HDR success is to be found on Trey Ratcliff’s site Stuck In Customs where I didn’t look before I started in HDR and wish I had now!

I recognise that there are two distinct camps when it comes to HDR; realistic and artistic. I love realism in photography, and to I like to use HDR to really make a person feel like they are in the scene portrayed in the photograph.  Of course there are some outstanding examples of artistic HDR photography out there that will blow you mind – try clicking here to see the Flickr search for “HDR” for a whole world of HDR goodness.

If you’re a photography then I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy the whole HDR process and although I am no expert I am pretty sure you too will be able to make a beautiful HDR photograph. If you aren’t a photographer but enjoy photographs then get out there are find the great HDR photographers of our time.

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